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criminal defense attorney of bucks county pa is the 2017 avvo clients' choice award winnerThe one who stands out from the crowd is the one who outdoes the crowd. Thomas Logan, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is not afraid to stand out. A great attorney doesn’t need to rely on flashy imagery or slogans, but his hard work and dedication to his clients are what truly sets Mr. Logan apart from the crowd. Ask us about our payment plans.

Strong Relationships

Mr. Logan not only strives towards his clients’ success, he gets to know each client on a personal level. Mr. Logan gives a damn about YOU. You are not just another case or another fee. You are a client, and Mr. Logan will do everything possible in order to fully serve and represent you.

Years of Experience

Thomas Logan possesses years of experience as both a district attorney and a criminal defense attorney. He has been on both sides of the case, which gives him more perspective and leverage when representing clients in court.

Tailored Legal Services

Mr. Logan fits his services with his clients’ needs. His experience allows him to provide strategic legal solutions for each individual client. Mr. Logan is proud to pioneer a new, more efficient, and more client-friendly way to practice law.

Our Practice Areas 

When you contact the office, you will speak directly with a criminal defense attorney – not an assistant or a secretary. We have locations throughout Pennsylvania, allowing us to easily travel to your location and discuss your case. Our client-facing, tailored legal services allow our clients to receive the best representation possible. Mr. Logan is proud to pioneer a new, more efficient, and more client-friendly way to practice law.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Logan has years of experience representing criminal defense cases. These cases include areas such as grand jury proceedings, probation and parole violations, expungements, sex crimes, assault, burglary, robbery, drugs, forfeiture, theft, arson, fraud & embezzlement, and more.


DUI attorney

In no area of practice does Mr. Logan have more experience than DUI. As a DA, Mr. Logan prosecuted hundreds of these cases. As an affordable DUI attorney in Bucks County, PA he has, similarly, defended hundreds of them. As a defense attorney, he has lost only two cases.


License Suspension

Losing a license is an enormous hardship, and there are several ways that a person can lose the privilege to drive. Fortunately, it is often easy to figure out HOW to restore one’s driving privileges.


Grand Jury

Grand Juries are old institutions, dating back to pre-colonial days. A grand jury is assembled to investigate crimes. The grand jury has the power to summon people to come, testify and to remain until the grand jury is dismissed.



In Pennsylvania, there are three types of assault crimes. The most serious being Aggravated Assault – which is a felony. This requires proof that a person sustains “serious bodily injury,” which generally means a broken bone, brain injury, or serious trauma.


Juvenile Law

An individual under the age 18 that is alleged to have committed an act that would be criminal if done by an adult, may end up in the juvenile court system. Juvenile court is superficially like adult court, but it is also incredibly different. This is because the purpose of juvenile court is to rehabilitate the juvenile before adulthood.

An Attorney you can trust

Thomas Logan is a member of Pennsylvania bar, member of Bucks County Bar association, frequent presenter to Criminal Law Division of the Bucks County Bar Association, an honors graduate Indiana University School of Law and graduated summa cum laude from Purdue University in 2002. While in law school, Mr. Logan beat out all other competitors and was the winner of 2005 Moot Court Competition.

Tom logan is a:



well above and beyond what his own goals for the case were. He was kind, compassionate and always made me feel like an honorable human being despite the trouble I found myself in. He was easy to reach, responded always in a very timely manner, and was well prepared. I would recommend Tom to anyone in need of legal representation.


The first thing that stuck out to me was how quickly Tom reached out to me after doing an online inquiry. Because of the nature of my case it required immediate attention and he save me a lot of headaches. Secondly, my anxiety throughout was put to rest as I knew I was in good hands and that Mr. Logan would go above and beyond to protect my interests. I could not be more satisfied with the representation I received and the advice I was given. He's as good as it gets.


Tom was very prepared and ready for any possible outcome during my entire defense. His aggressive strategy, in my particular case, caused the DA to over look charges that no doubt would have been added if they had enough time to properly investigate. If those charges were added, it would have been very easy for them to prove my guilt and I would have lost everything. For this I am utmost grateful for Tom's stunning work! However what meant more to me than his remarkable representation was that he genuinely cared about my well being. Wisdom can be offered by all ages, and Tom shared a lot of it with me.


I was so grateful to have Thomas Logan assigned to my case. He immediately helped put my mind at ease by focusing on information and best next steps. Together we devised a plan and put our plan into action. I trusted that he would guide me towards the most favorable outcome for my case and he did. I highly recommend this lawyer with complete confidence.


Mr. Logan, I just want to say thank you very much for helping me with my situation. I appreciate what you did for me today. I am now able to calm down knowing that I am able to continue working.  It is a huge help not only to me but also for my family. So thank you, thank you very much indeed. God bless you and your family.  I am glad I found the right person to assist me through this process.

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